From its humble origins just a few years ago as five or six dedicated (and perhaps slightly mad) martial artists, practising regularly by padding up and going at it on a squash court, CUKBS has come a long way.

We now have over 70 regular members, more spacious training facilities and links to other martial arts organisations. In our partnership with CARISMA we have gone from strength to strength and offer some of the most professional, well rounded and value-for-money training in Cambridge.

Some members have gone from absolute beginners to being competition standard inside of a year and we have continued to achieve great results for our more experienced fighters; winning four title belts at the British University Championships in the last few years. Fighters competing in the annual Varsity match against Oxford have the opportunity to earn a half Blue.

CUKBS currently offers the opportunity to train anywhere from once to five times a week, with different sessions focusing on techniques, fitness and sparring. The Wednesday and Friday sessions require payment for the session (currently £7) or term (currently £40). Monday sparring is courtesy of CARISMA. Fitness-only sessions are free for all. Non-beginners sessions (Monday and Friday) are aimed at those who have completed our 4-week beginners' course, or have previous experience in a striking martial art (e.g. karate, taekwondo, muay thai).

The training schedule for Michaelmas term 2018 is as follows, with the first session being Wednesday 10 October:
Training Time Location
Sparring (non-beginners) Monday 18:30-20:30 Cambridge North Academy boxing gym (CB4 2JF)
Fitness: 5k run or circuits Tuesday 07:30-08:00 Jesus Green, meeting at the ice-cream hut
Coached training: techniques and pad-work Wednesday 17:00-19:00 St Paul's Church (CB2 1JP)
Training: Partner work and fight conditioning (non-beginners) Friday TBD TBD
Fitness: sprints and/or circuits Sunday 10:00-11:00 Jesus Green, meeting at the ice-cream hut

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