Varsity victory for Cambridge! And a write-up in Bluebird News http://www.bluebirdnews.co.uk/the-other-place-beaten-black-and-dark-blue-varsity-kickboxing-2016/

Author :: Sarah Ashcroft-Jones
Date :: 7 March 2016

  +Women's half blues

Women who fight varsity may now also be awarded
half-blue status

Author :: Tim Williamson
Date :: 5 March 2015

  CUKBS Get Mens' Half Blues

Following our application to the mens' blues
committee, CUKBS can now award half blues to men who
compete in varsity matches.
We shall continue to pursue half blues for women

Author :: Tim Williamson
Date :: 14 August 2014

  CUKBS wins Varsity Kickboxing for the 4th consecutive time

Saturday, 8 March 2014 - Fighters from Cambridge
University's Kickboxing Society (CUKBS) defeated
their rivals from Oxford in their Varsity match on
Saturday, making it the 4th consecutive win
against the dark blues.
Sympathy for one another was far to be found in
the tense face-off between the bitter rivals.
Despite the competition's light-continuous contact
rules according to which kicks and punches are to
be strictly controlled by the fighters, bloody
encounters ensued regardless in several of the
Anna Lappala and Francesca Benzi were the first
to step into the ring for Cambridge and did well
to show their determination despite being up
against heavier and far more experienced
opponents. Despite what promised to be relatively
straightforward wins for the Oxford girl fighters
on paper, Anna and Francesca put up great
performances that fell just short of a win in each
Prithvi Sridhar who had just recently joined
CUKBS from a Taekwondo background was the first
Cambridge fighter to win his bout. Using his fast
legs he was successfully able to keep his opponent
at bay for most of the fight and even kicked him
down to the ground on one occasion.
The first Cambridge win was immediately
followed by another, this time by the CUKBS Vice-
President Tim Williamson, who with a combination
of fast front kicks and punches was able to
control his opponent for much of the three rounds,
fighting in his own unique style.
Fighting an opponent who was heavier and more
experienced than him, Raz Jabary showed fighter's
spirit by overwhelmingly dominating the second and
third rounds of his fight after being knocked down
in the first round. Fast combinations of punches
and kicks with good footwork resulted in Raz
pressuring his opponent onto the ropes for much of
the fight. Being in much better shape than his
opponent, Raz showed that he was in full control
of his opponent by stepping in and out at a good
pace, eventually leading to his opponent slumping
onto the ropes towards the end of the final round
and Raz securing the third consecutive win for
Being in the ring with a far more experienced
fighter, Dom Lentrodt who had just recently joined
CUKBS from a Krav Maga background put on a
tremendous performance to such an extent that he
disallowed his opponent any time or space
throughout the fight to showcase his superior
kicking skills. The amount of pressure that Dom
put his opponent under for the duration of the
fight was nothing short of being spectacular. It
was to such an extent that his winning rival who
was bloodied all over his face felt disappointed
after the fight for not having been able to put
the performance down that was expected from him on
paper. After two intense rounds in which the two
fighters exchanged many hits from close range, Dom
found himself unable to continue the remainder of
the third round that had started and his Oxford
opponent was declared the winner as a result.
After six spectacular fights the Varsity match
was at a draw, before Kostas Ziovas stepped into
the ring as the last fighter for Cambridge
University and took home the glory. After a close
face-off for three rounds, the judges scored the
bout even and it was decided to move into an
additional fourth round to decide the winner of
the fight and of the two clubs. Showing a lack of
stamina in comparison to Kostas, the Oxford
fighter had him in several tight grips in this
extra round to steal seconds away from the fight,
making Kostas appear as the more dominating
fighter. Being the better boxer in the bout,
Kostas landed more punches on his opponent and
showed the edge through the use of several fast-
paced boxing combinations, eventually leading to a
bloodied opponent.
Massimo Gaetani, trainer of the CUKBS team and
of the kickboxing town club Cambridge Riverside
Martial Arts (CARISMA) had the following to say
about the Varsity win: "it is with great pride and
pleasure that the CUKBS won, once more and for the
fourth consecutive time, the Varsity Kickboxing
tournament against Oxford University Kickboxing.
Congratulations to all the fighters who
contributed to this victory."
The CUKBS led by Massimo Gaetani has an
excellent unbeaten record for several years
running, having beaten kickboxers from the likes
of Bath, Loughborough, Anglia Ruskin and Oxford
Universities in the past few years. The society is
currently in the process of applying for half-blue

Author :: Raz Jabary
Date :: 13 March 2014